Leah Messer recently opened up about how her daughters support each other as one struggles with muscular dystrophy.

As US Weekly reports, the “Teen Mom 2 ” star, 26, birthed twins Alianna and Aleeah in 2009 with former boyfriend Corey Simms. In addition to the twins, Messer delivered her and ex-husband Jeremy Calvert’s daughter, Adalynn, in 2013.

Alianna, who is now 9-years-old, was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in 2014. The disease is degenerative. In other words, one day Alianna will be confined to a wheelchair.

In 2014, Messer told US Weekly:

“Eventually, Ali could be in the chair all the time. But I’ve never seen her so happy. She chases [twin] Aleeah and doesn’t fall down anymore.”

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are many forms of muscular dystrophy. Overall, the group of diseases is caused by “defects in a person’s genes.”

Different types of the disease weaken different muscle groups and their symptoms appear at specific ages.

In this case, Messer says Alianna is still her happy self and proud of her recent good health reports.

The mother of three said:

“Ali’s doing great. We just went to Columbus and she had a wonderful appointment. She told her therapist, ‘My heart is great, I passed all my tests. I did an amazing job.’”

However, Messer told US Weekly that keeping the positive vibes has been a group effort. Although it does get hard at times, she says they are working it out.

For instance, Messer said:

 “Aleeah had trouble for a while because Ali does require a lot of attention with her medical stuff, but as time as progressed, we have found a way that works for us, giving Aleeah her attention or her own time. She’s in things, then Ali’s in things. We just found a way.”

In addition to Alianna’s challenges and triumphs, Messer says  Adalynn, 6, is “doing so much better” after being hospitalized for an infection in March. The mother says Adalynn is on antibiotics as they monitor her swollen lymph node.

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Messer says the most important thing is that her daughters have each others’ backs.

She told US Weekly:

“[My daughters are] there for each other. They’ll help each other. They’re defending each other. That’s what matters.”

Despite their challenges, Messer says her daughters are “entertainers, for real!”

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