“Teen Mom 2” star Leah Messer has her hands full raising three beautiful little girls, 8-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah and 5-year-old Adalynn.

But while Aleeah and Adalynn are busy doing fun activities like cheerleading, Ali sometimes has to stay behind due to her Titin’s muscular dystrophy, according to InTouch.

The rare degenerative disease had not been seen in children before Ali, and it will cause her to lose function in her muscles as she grows older.

The condition has already started to affect her eyesight, which led the 8-year-old to ask Messer a heartbreaking question, the mom said on Twitter this week.

Messer wrote:

As I’m doing Ali girls makeup she looks at me an says. “Mom, what’s it like to see with two eyes?”

Messer followed up by saying that her daughter is now old enough to understand more about her health and is starting to ask more questions.

She wrote in response to a fan:

This is the first time she’s asked… She’s starting to ask a lot of questions like this.

It wasn’t an easy moment for the mother of three to handle, she tweeted:

She wrote:

Everyday I wish I could take her place but I know there’s a greater purpose!


Just broke my heart.

Ali’s condition is progressively making a bigger impact on her life.

Messer revealed in September 2017 that her daughter was given an aid at school after she started falling down constantly and couldn’t open her own food during lunch, Romper reports.

Leah Messer/Instagram

Since Ali’s condition will worsen over time, she will eventually have to use a wheelchair to get around.

But for now, Messer is doing everything she can to help her little girl have independence and confidence despite her health concerns.

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