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Laura Bush Was on an Episode of ‘Fixer Upper’ and She Arrived the Way Only a True Texan Can

Former first lady Laura Bush joined “Fixer Upper” star Joanna Gaines on an episode of the show’s final season.


During the episode, “A Modern Cabin Makeover,” Chip and Joanna renovated the home of the son of metal artist and friend of the show, Jimmy Don Holmes, reports Country Living.

The home makeover wouldn’t be complete without a “heartfelt finishing touch,” according to a press release by HGTV, so Gaines and her two girls headed over to the Bush family tree farm, Lone Star Trees, in Crawford, Texas.

The former first lady met the Gaines family in true Texas fashion, arriving behind the wheel of a pickup truck.

Laura W. Bush/Facebook

“Is she driving a truck?” Gaines’s daughter asked. “She is driving a truck,” Gaines assured her.

Bush explained her longtime friendship with the subject of the season five episode: “Jimmy Don was our iron guy before he became a famous iron guy,” Bush said. “He did the iron base of our coffee table, the rails on our steps in Dallas at our Dallas house.”

The former first lady has previously shared her appreciation of the famed metal artist’s work, sharing a photo of a special piece designed for former president George W. Bush.


Bush walked through the rows of 16,000 trees with Gaines and her two girls, before the perfect red oak tree was selected for Jimmy Don’s property, the location of his son, Jake’s, home.

“It was really surreal today walking down the rows of all these trees with the former first lady with the girls. It was one of those moments that I’ll never forget,” Gaines said.

Watch the first lady and the Gaines family select the perfect tree for their mutual friend below. As Joanna said: “I think [Jimmy Don]’s gonna love the renovation, but I have a feeling he’s gonna love the tree more than the renovation. I think it’s super sentimental, and it’s going to mean a lot to him.”

According to Southern Living, Jimmy Don and Jake were moved by the special addition to the property.

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