When legendary sports broadcaster Craig Sager Sr. passed away after a battle with leukemia on December 15, 2016, many were singing his praises.

The father of five seemed to have a good relationship with his children. His son, Craig Sager Jr., released a touching statement following his death in Sports Illustrated, which read, in part:

My own determination to support my dad and put our relationship and family first has been the most important lesson I have ever learned. It can be a difficult needle to thread, but when you know someone is special and when it means that much to you, don’t give up. Time is precious. I am able to say I am proud of every second we spent together until the last one.

Now just over a year after his passing, Sager Jr. and his sisters, Kacy and Krista, are singing a slightly different tune.

Craig Sager Jr./Instagram

According to a tweet Sager Jr. posted Tuesday, he and his sisters have been left out of their father’s will completely. Instead Sager left his entire estate to his second wife:

He continued:

Soon after Sager Jr. posted on Twitter, Kacy made her own remarks via Twitter:

Kacy later put out a personal statement, in which she blamed the family drama on their stepmother Stacy Sager, who first met Sager Sr. when he was still married to his first wife.

According to Yahoo Sports, the statement also accused Stacy of preventing her stepchildren from seeing their father during his last days. She even allegedly stopped Sager Jr. from seeing his father — even though he donated bone marrow twice during his father’s battle.

Kacy alleged that Stacy refused to let Craig’s first wife of 20 years attend the funeral and she kicked Krista off her father’s insurance after his death.

She wrote, in part:

You see, when your version of reality is so riddled with delusion and revisionist bulls*** and conveniently selective amnesia being the good guy often hinges on your ability to label others as evil.

It’s why she poured her saccharine nonsense into that Players’ Tribune piece, telling the world about their epic courtship, all while neglecting to mention that he was married throughout it.

Kacy continued:

I refuse to keep my mouth shut when uninformed ***holes try to diminish my brother’s character or accomplishment. He specifically said he never wanted to contest the will, and a few miserable s***bricks still accused him of only caring about the money. It’s false and gross, and they should be ashamed of themselves for attacking a total stranger for a moment of honesty.

Kacy reiterated her brother’s sentiments in the statement by stating that they are not contesting the will and will not be seeking any of their father’s money.

Yet, Kacy did write about how much she loves her late father and how much she still misses him.

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