Before the third day of Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearing, the former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State physician wrote the judge presiding over the hearing a letter.

As the Daily Mail reports, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina addressed the contents of the letter in court on Thursday morning.

Prior to Nassar writing the letter, he had already sat through 50 different testimonies. According to the Daily Mail, Nassar believes it is cruel of Judge Aquilina to make him sit through all 105 scheduled testimonies.

He wrote in the six-page complaint that the judge is creating a “four-day media circus” for her own personal gain, before claiming that “listening to the impact statements is detrimental to his mental health”:

“She wants me to sit in the witness box next to her for all four days so the media cameras will be directed toward her.”

Judge Aquilina responded to his letter by reminding Nassar that listening to victim statements was part of the plea deal that he signed.

She said:

“I don’t know if this is out of frustration or what. This isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, there’s no truth in there, it’s delusional. […] I didn’t orchestrate this, you did. […] You may find it harsh that you are here listening. But nothing is as harsh than what your victims endured for thousands of hours at your hands, allegedly. […]

Spending four or five days listening to them is significantly minor considering the hours of pleasure you’ve had at their expense and ruining their lives. None of this should come as a surprise to you.”

Aquilina also reminded Nassar that the victim statements include the 105 victims who have reported the abuse but are not limited to those 105, and that those abuse victims who continue to come forward will also have the chance to speak and have their stories heard.

Nassar is expected to receive his sentence on Friday, January 19.

You can watch Judge Aquilina’s full response below:

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