When Dawn Kristof found out that she was terminally ill, she knew she wanted to leave a legacy behind for her four-year-old daughter, Ellie.

Leading up to her death last year, NBC 25 reports that Dawn recorded hours of video footage onto a laptop so that her daughter could grow up knowing her mother and how much she truly loved her family.

However, over the summer, that invaluable gift was stolen.

Wally Kristof, Ellie’s father, said:

“I had 100 percent given up on it. And then I got a strange phone call.”

The “strange call” miraculously led him to his stolen laptop one month later— which still contained all of his late wife’s recorded videos.

He pondered:

“Maybe [Dawn] had a hand in it. Maybe the very least… changing somebody’s heart to want to do it… she definitely had that ability.”

Wally bought back the laptop for $500, presenting his daughter with the best gift she could ever receive — her mother. The numerous hours of footage contain “songs, artwork, and personal messages.”

In one clip, Dawn tells Ellie:

“You’re my superhero. I think you are the reason that I was put here… I do. I think I was brought here, so the world could enjoy you.”

Although the videos are hard for Wally to relive, he said:

“It’s nice to see her and hear her… her voice is something I can’t relate to her in stories.”

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