Thirteen-year-old Kyleigh Kosters recently made headlines after she ran away from her Florida home on February 10.

Her adoptive mom, Kim Kosters, took to Facebook after learning her daughter had run away to get the word out that the family needed the public’s help to try to find her. The post was shared over a million times.

The mom wrote:

I have an emergency and need prayer. My daughter is missing since last night. She is 5’4″, blond hair, green eyes and weighs 125 pounds. Kyleigh was last seen in the Mandarin area in Jacksonville, Florida. She is reported missing as of 2/11. May have left sometime during the night. I have concerns she may have taken a bus somewhere. We have contacted the police and all they can do right now is file a missing person report. If you see her, please call JSO @ 904-630-0500. I am asking for prayers and please share this. Thank you.

According to New 4 Jax’s initial report, Kyleigh strategically placed a pillow under her bed covers to make it appear as though she was still there if her parents checked on her. She also took a bag of clothes with her.

Her adoptive father told the authorities that her window was left slightly open, but that there was no evidence of her escape on their security cameras— because she was aware of where they were placed and the angles they captured.

Without a clue of where she could have gone, Kim consistently returned to Facebook, hoping her daughter see how desperately she wanted her home. She wrote:

My sweet Kyleigh. I don’t know if you have any access to Facebook but please know how much we love you and want you back with us. As I told you before, we love you and will never give up on you. You didn’t grow in my belly but you grew in my heart. My heart is aching right now because I don’t know if you are safe. Please contact us. You mean so much to us and we have so much love for you. Praying God has you somewhere safe and protects you until we find you. I love you so much.

Kyleigh, if you are reading this and feel unsafe and are afraid to call us, please call National Runaway Hotline at 1-800-621-4000. We just want you safe.

My heart is breaking. In the name of Jesus, please God give me the wisdom to find her and bring her back home. I love you Kyleigh. I will never give up until we find you.

As Actions News Jax reporter Christy Turner explained on Twitter, Kyleigh’s father eventually shared her Google search history with investigators:

Turner wrote:

Her adopted parents say this is the first time she has run away. They believe she might be trying to see her biological mother, but are very concerned for her safety.

In the report, the father mentioned that Kyleigh referred to her bio mom as a prostitute. He said he found Google searches on the teen’s computer asking “how to find a john” and “what is a pimp”.

Action News Jax further revealed that Kyleigh—who has lived with her adoptive parents for the last two years—referred to her biological mom as a “prostitute” and often asked questions about prostitution and if “they live a good life.”

Thankfully, roughly 30 hours after Kim took to Facebook for the first time, she announced that Kyleigh had been found. She wrote on Facebook:

We are at [the] police station. They have Kyleigh!! Somebody spotted her from seeing it on the news and called in. Have not seen her yet but she is safe! Will update as I have more info. Please keep praying for her and her heart. We have a long road ahead of us to help her through these hard times. Thank you ALL for sharing my posts to get her home!! My heart is forever grateful.

Kim’s final update on Facebook thanked the multiple news outlets who broadcast her daughter’s face so that the person who first saw her knew that she was in trouble.

She continued by saying, “All I can say is the police said where she was found, the police don’t even go without backup. She is lucky to be alive.”

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