Sometimes parenting can feel like an uphill battle.

And as Celebrity mom Kristen Bell told Stephen Colbert, she shares the same joys and challenges that comes with raising a 3-year-old with her husband Dax Shepard.

While visiting “The Late Show” set to promote her sitcom “The Good Place,” the mom of two opened up about her daughter Delta, who she called “nuts.”

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She said of the little girl:

“Sometimes, she tells me she’s going to kill me. Truly! Sometimes it’s with a gun.”

According to Bell, her beloved daughter only acts out and threatens her mom with death when she doesn’t get her way. The “Veronica Mars” actress explained:

“I know it sounds scary. We’re talking to people, don’t worry.”

She assured the audience there’s no real cause for concern because her daughter is just having a bratty moment and doesn’t have access to a gun.


Bell continued:

“If I tell her like, ‘Okay that’s a wrap on the candy bar’ or whatever, she’ll go, ‘Well, I’m gonna get a gun and kill you and I only like Daddy’ and she’ll just leave the room.


I know it sounds really bad that my child threatens to kill me, but like, she doesn’t have a gun so I feel like it’s not a real threat.”

Needless to say, Stephen Colbert’s reaction reflected the response of many viewers when he said:

“Sure, everything sounds great.”


One commenter wrote in a Buzzfeed comment thread:

This may or may not be concerning, but it definitely should not be overlooked the way she’s suggesting.

While others jokingly replied that their kids have said much worse during an emotional outburst. Another mom wrote:

I’ve one hundred percent been threatened to be cut into [pieces] before, but that was when my daughter was, idk, 4? And then right after she’d say, ‘No, I’d miss you if I cut you to little bits, so… I just won’t do that, okay Mommy?’ Basically, kids are … weirdos. They just are. I mean, if your 16 year old is saying that, then yeah, definitely therapy time. But, the little ones apparently just do this for some reason.

What do you think of Delta’s threats to her mom? Should Bell be concerned about the little girl’s spoiled behavior?

Watch the full clip below:

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