Celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are the proud parents of two beautiful little girls, Lincoln, 4, and Delta, 3, as Dearly previously reported.

But parenthood hasn’t always gone smoothly for the stars, which is something the actress opens up about on her YouTube show, “‘Momsplaining’ With Kristen Bell.”

And the 37-year-old didn’t hold back details when she recently shared how her husband once helped her out with a common mommy crisis.

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On the most recent episode of the show, Bell told her guest, “Scandal” star Katie Lowes, that she had difficulties with breastfeeding after giving birth to her second daughter.

The mother of two said that she had to go on antibiotics twice due to mastitis, a painful condition that involves a build-up of milk in the breast that can lead to serious infection, Huffington Post reports.

Bell said she suffered from mastitis three times and once, didn’t have access to her doctor due to their travel schedule.

That’s when she turned to husband Dax and asked him to help her relieve the pressure. Bell explained on the show:

“I was in Atlanta. We couldn’t call a doctor, and this was right after the baby stopped nursing. So I said to my husband, ’I really need you to suck this out. We could talk about it, we could be weird about it, or you could just go ahead and nurse.’”


And sure enough, her husband actually started to “nurse” her. She told Lowes:

“He pulled it out. He had a cup next to him. He was pulling out and spitting into this cup, and I’ve never been more in love. In my life.”

Bell went on to admit she felt like a “food truck” after giving birth to her kids, but said being able to support another human life with her own milk was amazing.

No word yet if her MVP husband felt quite the same way about the experience.

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