It’s not often that relationships in Hollywood are successful, and that’s what makes Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell’s marriage unique.

Since 2007, Shepard and Bell have been committed to one another. However, they’ve only been married since 2013.

Recently, the two famous actors were dubbed the “cutest couple ever” by “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gretchen Rossi, after Shepard shared a photo their youngest daughter took of him and Bell laying on the couch together.

The father of two wrote:

Photo credit: Delta (whose finger makes an appearance)

And hundreds of people fawned over the love between Shephard and Bell that was very eminent in the photo. They also loved the fact that the picture was taken by their 4-year-old daughter:

I absolutely LOVE that your children are being raised seeing a loving relationship.

Photos of people taken by children are my favorite because children always elicit a beautiful sparkle in the subject’s eyes.

Our best pics are always taken by our kids! Finger or not, Delta, you captured your parents!

I always enjoy seeing life through the eyes of children. This is a sweet happy moment Delta caught of Mom & Dad.

I love this picture of you two. Kristen is a effervescent light! When you were in Parenthood, your character was such a redeemable person. My son’s name is Crosby because of that. Thank you.

I love everything about this.

As Dearly previously reported, although there is a lot of love between Shepard and Bell, they have admitted in the past that their relationship has been successful because they work hard at it.

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Happy Saturday love, Mom and Dad ???

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Bell and Shepard said in an interview with Parade:

“This is two people who worked really hard and it’s attainable for you if you work really hard in your marriage too. […] We both wake up, check our phones and we go, ‘Happy anniversary. We’ve been together 11 and a half years. We’re much prouder of that than marriage.”

And as some of the commenters wrote, their hard work is proving to be a great example for their little girls.

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