Actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are opening up about their private life and “seemingly perfect” marriage.

In an interview with Parade, Bell and Shepard both admitted that their 12-year relationship is far from the fairytale some think it is, adding that despite being together since 2007, they still “agree on almost nothing.”

Shepard also said that their marriage hasn’t and still doesn’t come easy.

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Bell said, “This isn’t a special fairytale.” To which her husband replied saying that anyone can have the same, long-lasting relationship too, but only if they work at it:

“This is two people who worked really hard and it’s attainable for you if you work really hard in your marriage too.”

They are also prone to forgetting their anniversary, only remembering thanks to the annual text they get from Bell’s mother every year.

“We both wake up, check our phones and we go, ‘Happy anniversary.” Shepard added, “We’ve been together 11 and a half years. We’re much prouder of that than marriage.”

And although they aren’t huge fans of “date nights,” they make it a point to “hang” when their busy schedules start getting in the way of their life together.

However, as parents of two girls, instead of going out, they prefer to stay in while spending time with each other and their daughters. Shepard said:

“We play board games and the kids destroy the house and that’s just a fun Sunday.”

Most recently, the couple has come together to create a line of affordable plant-based, eco-friendly baby products, which will be sold in Walmarts around the country.

Bell said they created “Hello Bello” because they “wanted people to have access to baby products they felt good about that didn’t kill their pocketbook.”

And just because they are ultra successful stars doesn’t mean their home life is any more put together than other people’s.

Thanks to their little girls, they’re a pretty normal family:

“We’re behind on laundry, our house is a mess, there’s dog hair that we’re trying to constantly Swiffer.

[Our daughters] leave stuff everywhere! It’s like they booby-trap the house and sometimes they actually do booby-trap the house. Our oldest builds forts and a good half the week all the couch cushions are off. No one can sit on the couch and the only thing that’s exposed are crumbs!”

Bell continued:

“I don’t have this secret feminist inside me that wishes he would cook four nights a week. I want him out of my kitchen!”

All in all, the pair say they take pride in keeping each other humble, all the while supporting each other along the way.

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