While having a family dinner, Kourtney Kardashian brought up a parenting issue she was experiencing.

During the latest episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kourtney told her family over dinner that she no longer has a nanny because her oldest daughter, 6-year-old Penelope, scratched her while having a tantrum.

The mom of three continued to be candid about her struggles parenting Penelope and her other two children who can sometimes be defiant:

“There are sometimes when my kids don’t listen, but I do think kids thrive on having structure.”

The father of her children, Scott Disick, agreed. He explained that he didn’t have consequences for his actions growing up and lacked respect for authority. The father said he never wants his kids to be disrespectful in the way he was.

In one particular incident that was highlighted in the episode, Kourtney’s nanny seemingly quit after Penelope had a major breakdown. Kourtney explained that she tries to parent like her late-father parented them, saying he was both strict but loving about it.

However, while she admitted she isn’t always the best at being strict or punishing her children, she and Scott also don’t believe in corporal punishments like spanking. So when Kourtney’s mother, Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble, said he would “whoop” Penelope if she ever scratched him, Kourtney and Scott didn’t take those comments very well.

Corey: “If a kid scratched you, can you pop the kid and it’s cool?”

Kourtney: “No, but you could also say something to her in the moment.”

Kris then jumped in saying after raising six children, she never had a complaint about one of her children scratching or attacking an authority figure.

The matriarch of the Kardashian/Jenner crew told Kourtney that she thinks she needed to look at the situation more seriously:

Corey: I’m sorry, but if P scratched me for no reason, I’m whooping her a**. And I’d explain it to y’all later.

Scott: What?

Corey: I would whoop her ass if she scratched me.

Scott: You would whoop Penelope’s ass if she scratched you?

Corey: I would give her a spanking for sure.

Scott: My daughter?

Corey: Hell yeah.

Scott: What are you talking about?

Corey: If she scratched me in my face?

Scott: You would whoop my daughter’s a** if she touched you?

Corey: No scratched me.

Scott: You would whoop my daughter’s a** if she scratched you?

Corey: Why not?

Scott: A little 6-year-old girl. What are you talking about?

Corey: That’s the problem.

Scott: Stop it, Corey. You are not going to beat my little daughter…

Corey: Not beat.

Scott: Get out of here.

Then when Kim Kardashian stepped in, in an attempt to defend Corey’s words, Kourtney and Scott then defended themselves and their daughter even more. However, Corey held strong to his conviction, describing his actions as a discipline, while Scott urged him to never talk about a child, any child, like that ever.

At the end of the confrontation, Kourtney vowed to never allow Corey to be alone around her children.

Do you think it was right or wrong for Corey to say he would spank Penelope if that’s not how her parents want her disciplined?

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5 Replies to “Scott Disick Gets Into Fight With Kris Jenner’s Boyfriend After He Says He Would ‘Whoop’ Their Daughter”

  • Christine 5 months ago

    In certain situations..it calls for a spanking..especially if he or she is has been gettn outta hand with no positive end insight…

  • Misty 5 months ago

    Spanking is not discipline. It’s punishment. It’s meant to make the child pay for their behavior rather than to teach them to behave more appropriately. Discipline is far more effective in changing behaviors.

  • marygarcia5174@gmail.com 5 months ago

    I smell spoiled rotten kid’s who will grow up to be problems

  • J Towns 5 months ago

    Corey was out of place. It’s up to her parents to discipline her.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    By the sound of it she is out of control already at age six and she already see that she can control her parents and the more she gets away with the more she will continue to be defiant she will be hitting and scratching her parents next I worked in group homes and the majority of the children started out just like her there is a difference between whooping and spanking a child I am a mother who said I would never spank my child and the first time I spanked my daughter I cried but the more I talked and time out as punishment the worst she it took one time to spank her on her bottom for biting me and throwing tantrums and she didn’t do it again I popped her bottom as a last result after listening to her doctor say ignore the behaviors I did for awhile after shocking her with a spanking it didn’t happen again her behaviors changed and she went on to college a good child who took a double major and was on the deans list

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Scott Disick Gets Into Fight With Kris Jenner’s Boyfriend After He Says He Would ‘Whoop’ Their Daughter

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