You’ve probably looked at it a hundred times and never wondered what it meant.

But — just like on your carton of eggs —the series of numbers near the sell-by date on your dairy products can tell you something important.

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There is a two part code on your milk, yogurt, cream, and other dairy goods that can tell you just how far it traveled to get to your home.

All you have to do is enter the code at the Where Is My Milk From? website, and you’ll see the location of the dairy from where your milk came.

Image Credit: Prudence Hill

Here’s how to find the code:

  • It’s usually found on the label, on the cap, or near the top of the container. Sometimes, they make it easy and put the words “plant no.” or letters “PLT” right before the code you’re looking for.
  • The code starts with two numbers between 01 and 56.
  • The second part of the code often includes a dash, can include numbers or letters, and will be between one and five digits long.
Image Credit: Prudence Hill Image Credit: Prudence Hill

In addition to being a nifty way to kill time online and impress your friends, finding the dairy code on your milk is one of the best ways to learn how far your milk had to travel to get to you.

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Whether you care about supporting local farmers, are concerned about food miles, or just don’t want to think about your milk spending that long in transit, it’s always nice to know the location of where your food actually originated.

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