As a star of a reality show 10 years in the making, it’s hard to believe Kim Kardashian could have any major secrets the world isn’t privy to. During an interview with “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” executive producer Ryan Seacrest, however, Kim revealed a bombshell only her family has been aware of.

As she and her family answered questions in light of their show’s 10th year on the air, Kim opened up about her pregnancy with her firstborn child, daughter North.

According to the Daily Mail, Kim somberly informed the audience that during a routine ultrasound in November of 2012, she was informed she had miscarried her now-4-year-old daughter:

“At one point I thought I had had a miscarriage. I was pretty certain and even a doctor told me there was no heartbeat and said ‘You have had a miscarriage.’ It was around Thanksgiving, and it was the worst Thanksgiving ever.”


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She said she was then told that she’d need to come back for doctors to surgically remove the fetus from her body, but upon her return, a miracle happened: The doctor heard North’s heartbeat again. She told Seacrest:

“I was on the monitor and he [the doctor] was like: There’s a heartbeat!”

North was born in June of 2013, followed by her brother Saint, who was born in December of 2015.

Now, the reality star is expecting her third child, via surrogacy. According to Kim, the reason she and husband Kanye West opted for a third party to carry their child is that another pregnancy could have resulted in severe health problems for Kim.

She’s been open about other pregnancy struggles in the past such as preeclampsia, among other issues, however, she was thankfully able to carry both North and Saint to a healthy delivery.

Though the star, up until now, has kept her miscarriage scare a secret, it’s clear her life would be much different without the presence of her beloved daughter.

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