Children adorn many costumes for “Hero Day” at their school. Many of them fictional, some non-fictional.
This year, Tayir Thomas decided to  dress up as a real-life hero, as Fox 8 reports:
“I didn’t want to be a fictional hero. I didn’t want to be a cartoon hero. I wanted to be somebody real that actually did something.”
His person of choice was James Shaw Jr., also known as the “Waffle House Hero.”

Earlier this year, Shaw went head to head with a gunman that opened fire in a Tennessee Waffle House, killing four innocent people. After wrestling with the shooter, Shaw was able to grab the barrel of the gun and toss it over the counter. His courageous act saved many lives.

Tayir told Fox 8 what Shaw did was not only courageous but selfless as well:
“He really didn’t have to put his life in danger to save those people, but he did anyway.”

Britt Thomas, Tayir’s mother, told WZTV that she’s the one that told he son about Shaw and his heroism:

“I showed him the video of James Shaw Jr. and we had a talk about the events that happened. He said he was brave and asked if he could be him. “

Tayir explained Shaw’s act of courage to his class and told them why he chose him as his hero on the special day. However, he didn’t know that Shaw was coming to the school.

He and his class got a chance to meet a real-life hero.

Shaw said he is happy to see a young person inspired by what he did:

“It blows my mind for sure, it makes me feel like what  I did was right. I hope that I can keep inspiring people cause he inspires me to inspire more people. So much love to the young king.”

This is an example of how true heroism can affect people of all ages.

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