When Kentucky husband John Saylor kissed his wife of 38 years on the forehead before she went outside to feed their cats, he never guessed it would be for the last time.

According to WATE, the Bell County man was sitting inside their home when he noticed that his wife was taking longer than usual to put out the cat food.

And when he stepped into their backyard, it became clear why.

Saylor said he was immediately attacked by his neighbor’s pit bulls. The dogs viciously latched onto him, causing more than 20 wounds. He told WATE:

“I was screaming at the top of my lungs, ‘God, you’ve got to help me! I’m not going to make it.'”

The husband managed to fight off the dogs and grab his gun from inside. He shot one dog in the chest, causing it to run off, WNCN reported.

But moments later, he made a heart-wrenching discovery.

Saylor’s wife Lorraine, whom he said was weak and weighed just 105 pounds, had been “savagely” attacked by the pit bulls.

He felt for his wife’s pulse but was unable to find one — she had already passed away. The devastated husband told WATE:

“She was a kind-hearted woman. I remember the last time I kissed her on the forehead not knowing that would be my last kiss.”

When he spotted the second dog lingering nearby, he shot it out of fear for his own life. The other dog later was later found and euthanized by authorities.

As Saylor recovered from the shocking attack in the hospital, he had a message for the pit bulls’ owner — 42-year-old Johnny Dale Lankford.

Bell County Detention Center

The husband told reporters he wanted Lankford to know the damage he caused:

“I’m sure he will see this. I hope he does. He’s responsible for my wife’s death.”

Lankford has since been charged with harboring a vicious animal. He was booked into the Bell County Detention Center on domestic violence charges at the time of the attack, WATE reported.

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