Joseph and Kendra Duggar announced they’re expecting their first baby together, Dearly previously reported.


The news came just two months after their September 8 nuptials, following Joseph Duggar’s proposal to Kendra Caldwell during sister Joy-Anna’s wedding in May.

While most Duggars see strong reactions to major life updates (just ask Joy-Anna), the most controversial thing to come out of the couple’s announcement were digs at brother Josh. That changed, however, when Kendra, 19, made an appearance on social media with cousin Amy.

As Romper reports, Amy Duggar, Kendra’s cousin by marriage, recently posted a photo to Instagram of the two snow tubing at Massanutten Ski Resort in Virginia.


Amy captioned her photo of the smiling pair:

Sliding into your Instagram feed with this sweet girl! Tubing & shopping today while the boys ski!

Duggar fans were quick to comment that snow tubing wasn’t safe for pregnant Kendra.

“Isnt she pregnant!? Unsafe much??” wrote one commenter.

“I would just not risk getting a injury (sic) to myself or my baby if it wasn’t a must. I’m sure there is (sic) safer activities she can do while she’s pregnant that are fun and less risky. She can flip on the tube or hit a bump or tree. I just don’t it’s the best idea?,” commented another.


One commenter accused Kendra of not being smart: “Kendra um aren’t you pregnant not very wise.” Another asked: “Just bc no one here got injured while tubing, there is still that risk. Why Chance it?”

Amy reassured fans the health of Kendra—and her unborn baby—was not at risk, writing:

She wasn’t in any danger at all, or the baby.

According to Romper, the American Pregnancy Association advises pregnant women to discuss which activities, including recreational, are safe for a developing baby.

Many fellow moms jumped to Kendra’s defense, revealing the activities they partook in while pregnant. As one wrote: “Be so careful! Although, I used to go ice skating when I was pregnant. ?Have fun!”


Another commenter said: “I went tubing when I was newly pregnant, it’s not dangerous!” “My mom went on water slides in Florida while 6-7 months pregnant with my lil sis haha,” wrote another.

Followed by: “I’m a aerialist that swings on hoops.. and I’m pregnant. ? she’s fine guys. Calm down.”

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