Television personality Kelly Ripa and actor Mark Consuelos seem like a match made in heaven. The two celebrities tied the knot back in 1996 and now have three children together.

They’re both leading very successful careers. Kelly is the vivacious host of “Live! With Kelly and Ryan,” alongside Ryan Seacrest. And Mark has joined the cast of CW’s hit series “Riverdale.”

But their busy schedules mean that the happy family has to spend some time apart, which can sometimes be a blessing in disguise for Kelly.

On Monday’s episode of “Live! With Kelly and Ryan,” the host said that, like many women, she’s a bit lax when it comes to grooming if her husband is away for long periods of time.

And when Mark headed off to shoot “Riverdale” in Canada, Kelly admitted that she had completely stopped shaving her legs:

“If you follow the show, you know if I am not seeing Mark for long periods of time, where he is working in Vancouver on a show called “Riverdale,” I do not see him very often. I don’t shave. right?”

The host then hilariously explained that she didn’t bother because viewers wouldn’t be able to tell from far away. Kelly told the audience:

“I do not shave my legs because the naked eye from TV, you can’t really see. You have to be up on me … so who am I shaving for, right?”

But when Kelly returned home from the beach over the weekend, she got a real surprise, explaining:

“I went into the door and I hear, ‘Well, well, well,’ and I turned around and it is my heavenly baby daddy, and love of my life, Mark Consuelos.

And the first thing I think is, ‘Oh my gosh, hair!'”


Kelly said that she was mortified by her “hairy legs,” but it all seemed to work out in the end.

The host praised her husband for his “romantic” gesture, before Ryan chimed in with a shaving story of his own.

The “American Idol” alumnus admitted that he had shaved his “bushy” legs in an effort to appear “younger” at a pool party over the weekend. Kelly then joked they “could start a fire” if they rubbed their stubbly legs together.

Ryan has only been a co-host on the show for a few months, but it seems like two are now close enough to discuss just about anything — including their body hair.

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