Television guru Kelly Ripa said she’s glad her two eldest children already finished their college applications amid fallout from “Operation Varsity Blues.”

The investigation into the $25 million college admissions scheme ignited a firestorm last week after 33 parents were arrested for allegedly bribing their children’s way into elite universities, Dearly reported.

Those arrested include “Fuller House” star Lori Loughlin and “Desperate Housewives” star Felicity Huffman.

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Ripa’s eldest child, 21-year-old Michael Consuelos, is currently enrolled at New York University. And her daughter, 17-year-old Lola Consuelos, likely just finished applying to schools.

The “Live! With Kelly and Ryan” star said on the morning talk show that the application process was difficult, but she was thankful to have a tutor, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Ripa explained:

“Let me tell you something. As a parent who has gone through this process twice so far, test-taking is a nightmare. It is so exhausting … for the student, for the parents, for everybody involved. Particularity if you are my kids’ tutor, I would think it would be exhausting for you as well. You look at this and you go, ‘If you have the money to afford a tutor, you already have an advantage.'”

Ripa added that she doesn’t think the parents involved in the scandal were actually helping their children.

The talk show host jokingly said her daughter would have been thankful. But as a parent, Ripa wouldn’t take part:

“I’m so glad this scandal broke after my kids went through [the college application process] because I know my daughter would have been like, ‘Hey, can you call that man?’ The whole thing is a shame and it’s robbing the kids the chance for them to achieve [getting in] on their own.”

The mom of three, who also has a 16-year-old son, concluded:

“I did not go to college, so I always feel weird saying this. And it’s a tightrope line I walk with my kids all the time because they’ll look at me and be like, ‘But you didn’t go to college.’ But this is all good luck and hard work.”

Since their arrests last week, Loughlin has been freed on $1 million bond, and Huffman has been released on $250,000 bond.

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6 Replies to “Kelly Ripa Speaks out About College Admissions Scandal as a Parent, Says Kids Involved Were Robbed”

  • Ginger 2 years ago

    She is right about the kids getting in on their own merits! That being said what Lori did was not unforgivable & neither she nor any other actor should lose their jobs for it! She’s learned her lesson & I am positive she won’t do it again! She didn’t commit murder or any other crime that is a you need to lose your job moment!

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Are you kidding me! That’s actually criminal and they are being sued by a parent who her son was a 4.3 who worked so hard through school, but was denied admission into an elite college that Lori paid someone to admit her kids who never worked for a grade at all. Is that right? Someone who does that is a very dishonest, mean spirited person who wants to have this outward appearance of perfection when in fact they are so far from it. I heard her daughter laugh about not attending classes. Well maybe she’s not laughing now!

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Once again a person does a terrible deed and gets a slap on the wrist! That’s what is wrong with our society. I do believe in second chances, but Lori needs to be accountable for what she did here. It not only effected her children, but other students who were qualified to be admitted to that college, but were turned down. That is so wrong. My question is with all her money why didn’t she tutor her girls and they could have made excellent grades and scored high SATs on their own accord? That would have helped their self esteem and their maturity instead of being entitled. I heard the one daughter is on a yacht of a university official. Some people can only imagine being on a yacht! Don’t protect these people by coddling. Lori is going to take a financial hit after all the suits and she pays her high priced attorneys and then I am sure she will declare bankruptcy while she probably has diverted money to other countries.

  • Erin 2 years ago

    She absolutely should her job and so should her spoiled brats. This was not a mistake, but a way of life for these people. I hope they all end up I jail however unlikely that may be.

  • Glenda 2 years ago

    Its different for the average child that doesnt even have a tutor, but if they can do it, what does that say about the rich & famous (parents)? Doesnt happen overnight that they cant make the grade or score. But most average college graduates will have loans to repay….will the rich & famous kids have that?
    What their parents did is down right Wrong!!!

  • Theresa 2 years ago

    What these parents did was ridiculous. It’s not fair to kids who worked their butts off to get in these colleges. Apparently their kids are dumb in the first place for them to go to the extreme to get them into these colleges. And you have to wonder about the administration who took this money for these brats to get into these colleges they should be fired. It must be nice to be rich and privileged.

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