Ripa Daughter goes to Prom

Mom of three Kelly Ripa often laments that her only daughter, 17-year-old Lola, put a ban on sharing photos of her to social media if she hasn’t given expressed permission.

Thankfully, the 48-year-old managed to take a few photos before her daughter’s big night at prom that earned Lola’s stamp of approval.

On Thursday, Ripa shared the images with fans on Instagram.

She wrote:

It only took 20 hours, but we finally got two approved prom photos. #prom 2019

The teenager donned an emerald green floor-length gown for her senior prom night. She also wore a corsage of white roses to match her date’s.

Many fans flooded Ripa’s comments section with compliments about her “gorgeous” daughter. Some Instagram users were stunned by how grown up the 17-year-old looked.

However, other fans were left battling in the comment section after some Instagram users decided to comment on Lola’s choice of dress. One user wrote:

One size larger never hurt anyone.

Another said:

Ummmm what happened to full coverage prom dresses, like from neck to toes? That was my jam.

Others were quick to hit back at the critics. One commenter wrote:

She is a beautiful young woman but cannot believe people are commenting about her body. She is someone’s child!! Why is it ok to comment about her body?!?!?

Ripa encountered a similar problem last year after she shared a photo of her teen on Instagram and got a “disgusting response” from people sexualizing her, Dearly reported.

Regardless of the comments, it seems Ripa was proud to see her daughter heading off to a milestone moment of her senior year.

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