“Two down… 1 to go…” That’s what actor Mark Consuelos said after he dropped his only daughter off at college for the first time last week.

In August, daytime talk show host, Kelly Ripa, and her husband said “see ya later” to their 18-year-old daughter Lola as she entered her freshman year of college. Lola is the couple’s second child to go off to college.

Their youngest is still in high school.

However, while Consuelos may have appeared to have kept his cool while dropping his daughter off at school, Ripa revealed that wasn’t the case.

In an Instagram post, where she posted a throwback photo of Lola’s Christening, the mom of three said her husband was feeling a lot of emotions leading up to that day.

She wrote:

#tbt 2001 from your Christening to college. In the blink of an eye. I’m not crying. You’re crying. (actually Daddy’s sobbing)

And many of their fans said they were even crying themselves at the thought of Lola, and their own children, hitting similar milestones:

I’m sobbing!!!!!!

Now I’m crying

NOOOOOO!! Stop it. This cannot be happening.

I’m still crying.

I’ve been there, I’ve got tears in my eyes for you. She’s so lovely. Watch out world here comes Lola!!!!!

Ripa then took to Instagram again on the day they officially dropped her off.

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The nest is getting roomy………?

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She wrote:

The nest is getting roomy………

As Dearly previously reported, Ripa and Consuelos said that as their children got older, one of the fundamental lessons they taught their children was to always show up for people:

“I think especially with the programs that they’re in, the peers they are going to school with are people they are going to be working with, so [we’ve told them] make connections, cultivate those relationships. […] I think what they have learned so far in their young lives is that you show up for people when they show up for you and you show up. And you don’t make a commitment and suddenly a better offer comes along [and you leave the other behind].”

What’s a lesson you hope your children learn before they head off on their own?

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