Talk show host Kelly Ripa is a very proud mom of three kids.

However, as Ripa revealed on the “Jerry O” show, her kids sometimes pull the wool over her eyes without her realizing it until it’s too late.

As Dearly previously reported, back in June, Ripa shared a photo of her 18-year-old daughter, Lola, getting ready for prom. The picture led to many of the talk show host’s followers giving their opinion on the dress Lola picked to wear.

Some thought the dress was too inappropriate for a school function like prom:

Ummmm what happened to full coverage prom dresses, like from neck to toes? That was my jam.

And while Ripa didn’t acknowledge the backlash, she did admit on the “Jerry O” show that she didn’t know her daughter’s dress was going to be so revealing.

She said that while the mother-daughter pair did design the dress together, Lola made a few last-minute adjustments to the emerald green floor-length dress without her mom knowing:

“That’s the prom dress that she, we had made, and then she had altered behind our back. So that’s why, you know, why the ‘girls’ are fully on display.”

Ripa continued to joke:

“Everyone came down the stairs together, and I just mean Lola.”

Jerry, a father of two girls, also praised Ripa for her parenting and the parenting advice she has given him in the past.

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One piece of advice he brought up was when his daughters started begging him for a cellphone. As Jerry revealed, Ripa stressed that he needed to hold off getting his girls phones for as long as he can.

Ripa explained why:

“It is like, ‘phone,’ ‘phone,’ grades [tanking]. Because the phone becomes like the parent, the best friend, the social engagement. And now, I hate to sound like a great-great-great-grandmother, but everybody’s self-worth is wrapped up in the ‘gram and Snapchat. […] You just have to monitor it, and you have to hold off as long as possible because don’t let your kids tell you that it’s in case of an emergency.

It has hit the fan in our house, and I can’t reach my child on that phone that is constantly in her hand.”

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One Reply to “Kelly Ripa Says Her Daughter Altered Her Prom Dress Without Mom Knowing Following Criticism”

  • Alice 1 year ago

    Well, Kelly I guess it would be time for tough love and to tell her sorry your not goung out looking like that. Its way to revealing. If girls want respect from men they need to dress respectfully too. Her dress is an invitation to a guy to say I’m available for sex.

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