Morning show host Kelly Ripa revealed one of the most recent outrageous swimsuit trends on “Live! With Kelly and Ryan” this week, just in time for the summer season.

The one-piece, which Ripa lovingly referred to as the “dad bod swimsuit” has been sweeping across social media thanks to its unique look, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Much like the name implies, the unorthodox one-piece features the torso of a man printed onto a women’s swimsuit.

The viral swimsuit is for sale from Beloved Shirts for just $44, and Ripa couldn’t help joke with co-host Ryan Seacrest about buying one for herself. She said:

“That’s all painted on, that’s not her nipples, that’s not her hair. You don’t like it? I’m getting it.”

The show also posted a video of Ripa holding up the unique swimsuit on the “Live! With Kelly and Ryan” Instagram page. Little did she know that she was about to get ripped apart by online commenters.

Instagram users quickly flooded the video with negative comments, some of which claimed Ripa had reached a “new low” in her career – all because she was having a little fun. Some users wrote:

Image Credit: Screenshot/Instagram Image Credit: Screenshot/Instagram Image Credit: Screenshot/Instagram

There was so much backlash that Ripa decided to address the comments on Thursday’s show. She told the audience:

“Occasionally a post will strike a nerve with people, or something will happen, and then I get tagged angrily in things. I’m not really sure what the outrage is about.”

Ripa said she was shocked to see that so many people were upset by the Instagram post. She said:

“People are like, ‘That is disgusting! You are a disgrace!’ And I’m like, I’m holding a one-piece in my hand. Am I really a disgrace? A harsh word…”

Ripa joked that she liked the swimsuit because it would keep men from hitting on her at the beach. She also said that she’d do a lot more than just hold the “dad bod” one-piece:

“People were so upset with me just holding it, wait until you see my spindly, little masculine body in it. You’re really going to be grossed out.”

And despite all the hate, Ripa stuck to her word. Later on in the show, the talk show host emerged on stage wearing the controversial swimwear.

The audience couldn’t help but crack up, and Ripa joked that she was going to start wearing the “hairy” one-piece underneath her clothes every day.

It seems like regardless of what the haters say online, Ripa will continue to get by with her lighthearted sense of humor.

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