Kelly Clarkson’s son is only 3 years old, but she thinks she’s already found him the perfect wife.

The mother of two stars alongside John Legend on “The Voice,” and she thinks his eldest child with model Chrissy Teigen is a good match for her boy, Remington.

Clarkson told Entertainment Tonight that she thinks her son and 3-year-old Luna would make adorable children:

“My little boy, I told Chrissy, I want to marry Luna. They would make the most beautiful babies. Their skin tones, their eye color, I’m like, ‘What would that baby look like?'”

However, it doesn’t seem the “Meaning of Life” singer is sure if Teigen and Legend are completely on board with the idea yet. She added:

“They probably think I’m weird. Definitely, they probably think I’m weird.”

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Clarkson said that she thinks their children could bond over the fact that their parents are in the entertainment industry. She said:

“I think it’s fun to have other kids that kinda grow up in an environment… it’s not normal. You know, it’s not like an everyday scenario, like how we all grew up.”

The mom continued:

“So I like that they at least get people to hang out with every once in a while… with the same kinda vibe to where they don’t feel weird.”

Clarkson also recently opened up about her 4-year-old daughter, River.

The singer said she accidentally ruined the animated film “Frozen” for her little girl by revealing the characters weren’t real.

It happened when she was explaining that she voiced a character in the children’s film “Ugly Dolls.” Clarkson said:

“I was explaining to her, because she was confused, and I said, ‘It’s my voice. Like, you know, like how Elsa and Anna, there’s a person that plays Elsa and Anna?’ And I didn’t get what I was doing!”

Thankfully, the mom said she managed to spin it “into a positive.” Despite her slip-up, it seems clear Clarkson is always looking out for her little ones.

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