A Tennessee family recently had their home broken into by a thief who took just about everything but the furniture, the tenant said.

She told News 3 that he took “clothes, seasonings, paper plates, candles,” and everything that makes a house a home.

That’s why the woman, who does not wish to be identified, installed a security camera that sent live footage to her phone when it detected motion.

And sure enough, her home has now been broken into a second time. This time, putting a damper on her family’s holiday spirit.

The tenant was at the grocery store when she got an alert on her phone that motion was detected in her family’s Country Squire apartment.

Then, she spotted a thief on security camera entering her home through a broken sliding glass door. She told News 3 that she believes he used a rock outside to shatter the glass.

The woman said:

“While he is walking in, he’s putting on his gloves and he’s walking toward the room and comes back and goes through the presents under the Christmas tree.”

She said the man rifled through the presents sitting under their tree, opening them up to check inside.

Thankfully, he didn’t see anything he liked and left the presents there. But he still got away with her large television and other electronics, she said:

“He disconnects the TV, goes back and takes the camera … It makes me very upset. But there isn’t anything that I could do.”

Police are now searching for the man who broke into the family’s apartment.

Meanwhile, there are some safety tips you can follow to make sure thieves won’t target your holiday goods.

According to EHS Today, home theft increases during the months of November and December.

You can ward off thieves by leaving on lights so that they think somebody is home and asking a neighbor to keep an eye on your property.

During the holiday season, you should also be careful about posting on social media that you’re away from home, as your property may become a target.

Safety experts told News 3 that families shouldn’t keep their Christmas trees or presents near windows where they might be visible outside.

If you think ahead, you’re less likely become the target of holiday crime.

Watch the video below:

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