A woman nationally recognized for the abuse she suffered as a child now faces charges for sexually assaulting a teen girl in Dallas, Texas.

As Dallas News reports, Lauren Kavanaugh, 25, also known as the “Girl in the Closet,” reportedly met the 14-year-old girl through a Facebook account titled, “The Lauren Kavanaugh Story.”

The account was created by Kavanaugh to allegedly connect and provide support to other victims of abuse, police said.

However, on February 25, a tip from the victim’s neighbor led police to discover the social media platform may have had a darker purpose.

While talking with police, the teen victim revealed that she and Kavanaugh had been in a “sexual relationship” for two months.

NBCDFW reports the teen’s parents told police Kavanaugh had been living with them. There is no information yet as to why or how that living situation came to be.

However, Kavanaugh confirmed her “sexual relationship” with the teen during her interview with police. She was arrested for the sexual assault of a child.

She remains in police custody at Denton County Jail with a bail of $10,000.

In June 2001, Kavanaugh was rescued from the sexual and physical abuse of her mother and stepfather, Dallas News reports. She’d been repeatedly raped, starved, and tortured from the age of 2 to 8.

She was found living in the closet of the family’s mobile home weighing only 25.6 pounds. Her mother and stepfather were sentenced to life in prison.

Even years later, the “Girl in the Closet” still seemed to be making headlines. Kavanaugh was profiled by The Dallas Morning News in 2013 and appeared on Dr. Phil in 2017.

During a 2013 interview, she said:

“She was supposed to be my mother, and she treated me like crap.”

Rebekah Mullins, a licensed professional counselor intern at The Counseling Place in Richardson, told NBCDFW that abuse victims carry a disadvantage in life.

She said:

“Sometimes we see for victims of abuse, they go on and have difficulty with relationships or unhealthy relationships because they don’t know how to have healthy relationships.”

Lewisville Police believe Kavanaugh may have had more victims. They are encouraging parents to contact them if their children were in any sort of communication with Kavanaugh via Facebook.

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4 Replies to “Woman Known as the ‘Girl in the Closet’ Admits to Having Sexual Relationship With Teen Girl Years Later”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Cycles continue whether we like them or not. While I do not condone her actions in any way she was doomed for life. The formative years cannot be fixed or forgotten last easily. Very rarely actually, and most people do not have the resources to have that kind of therapy. I feel sadness for a life taken from her and now passed to innocent victims. There will be no winners here. At least her “parents” got what they deserved.

  • Lance Merlin 2 years ago

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You can make excuses for her all you want about why she’s passing it on, but you’d think being a victim herself, she’d have some empathy.

  • Kristi Harris Smith 2 years ago

    Being a victim of such horrific abuse destroys so much of a person and their ability to know empathy or right and wrong. Laura being only 25 does not mean that she has healed from her ordeal or been able to erase what she believed to be “normal life” for so many young years, she may never be able to fully understand or sense what is right or wrong. It is beyond sad that any child endure abuse in any form from a parent or anyone else. It happens though and I don’t believe even the most intense therapy can ever give them the ability to truly feel empathy or sympathy. I don’t believe they should be shuttered from society, I do feel that there should be a system of closer monitoring of victims who survive such ordeals, not only for the safety of others but also themselves. We need to take responsibility for our society as a whole and its malfunctions rather than condemn those who have already been victimized. When people stop turning a blind eye to the wrongs they see committed against children and start stepping up to stop them or report them, when there are truly better standards in place to protect them or remove them from such abuse along with people who are willing to take them in, support them, love them and help them learn what is right against what they already know these victims don’t stand a chance. The evil in this world and the number of people involved or ignoring such things is the biggest problem of all. The heart of man has lost sight of right and wrong over sinful pleasure and that is something I don’t think will ever change.

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