Reality television star, Kate Price, is publicly talking about a personal decision she is facing when it comes to one of her five children.

Price’s oldest child, Harvey Price, is 16 years old. He was born both partially-blind and with a genetic disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Prader-Willi syndrome “is a rare genetic disorder that results in a number of physical, mental and behavioral problems. A key feature of Prader-Willi syndrome is a constant sense of hunger that usually begins at about 2 years of age.”

Now, Price is admitting that she believes her son is becoming a danger to himself.

While a guest on the “Victoria Derbyshire” show, the mom of five sat next to Harvey and had him tell the audience what he does that “mommy doesn’t like.” He responded by saying he “smashed the windows,” broke “a lot” of TVs, and broke “eight” iPads.

Price then added:

“He’s a danger to himself. For the first time ever now, I’m thinking he might have to go [into] residential [care] Monday to Friday.

Because he knows if he kicks off in the morning, the driver won’t take him to school. So he’s sussed that and he’s missing out on his education. He just wants to be with me all the time. Don’t ya, Harv?”

To which the teenager said, “Oh yeah.”

The mom, who says she’s never had any help caring for Harvey in the past — except from her own mother — also admitted that it’s getting “hard” caring for Harvey, and her other four children, at the same time:

“It’s so hard. I’ve never had respite, I haven’t got a carer with him, I do it all myself. But yeah, I’m really having to think about it.”

Price continued to say that she doesn’t like the idea of her not being his sole care provider but that she also believes it’s what her son really needs to become the best version of himself:

“I hate it because he’s my life. Do you know what I mean? But I’ve got to do what’s best for him but it won’t be forever.

When he’s smashing things, and the kids are scared of him because he’s big, he’ll chase them and stuff. I’ve just got to do it for him. If there’s anyone out there who could give me some advice on what it’s like and how to cope when they go in residential because I find it really hard.”

In the past, as the BBC reports, Price has opened up about the trolls she and Harvey have had to deal with. As a result, she started what is now call “Harvey’s Law,” which is “her campaign to make online abuse towards people with disabilities a hate crime.”

Price later made a promise after Harvey’s Law started gaining attention that she “will not stop until [online abuse] is a crime.”

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4 Replies to “Katie Price Says Son With Disabilities Is a ‘Danger to Himself.’ Discusses Possibilities of Residential Care”

  • Bad Penguin 2 years ago

    Where was the sons father in all of this?

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    His father was a Footballer namer Dwight York who has never been apart of his child’s life.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    What a piece of garbage father. It makes me so sad when these men have children they don’t help take care of, I’m not even talking monetarily, especially when they are disabled, it’s like they pretend they don’t exist.

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