Before going into a daily rehab, reality television star Katie Price is now admitting to “self-medicating on drugs.”

According to the Metro, Price opened up about her battle with self-medicating and her ex-husband, Peter Andre’s, decision to take their children away from her until she got help.

The 40-year-old mom of five said on Loose Women:

“Basically, my ex Kieran told him, he said I was self-medicating and whatever, and he acted like what a dad does, but there’s more drama which I’m not going to go into.”

And Price did admit to doing so.

She continued by saying she had a rough year that led to a lot of added stress in her life. She admitted to eventually getting help by seeking treatment and explaining why she turned to drugs in the first place:

“I purely did it to self-medicate. It wasn’t really drinking, just self-medicating on drugs really… It’s disgusting but that was my way of dealing with it. That’s when I was like, ‘No, I know I need help, this is not me.’ At least I can hold my hands up and I’m so glad I did because if I didn’t speak out, I’d probably still be in that rut now. […]

Then with my exes behind my back, stuff happened with the kids where everyone thought they were taken off me, and that was the last thing.”

Price said she admitted herself into The Priory, where she received treatment for PTSD.

Now she says her family is back to the way it used to be before she started self-medicating. She also said that she doesn’t blame Pete for acting as any father would:

“The kids are all back to normal. I don’t blame Pete for doing what he did in the beginning. […]

Everything’s back to normal now [with the kids], exactly the way it was before, half and half. And it has been like that for ages.”

Price shares two children with Pete: Princess and Junior.

Price said that she is sharing her truth in order to combat all of the rumors being spread about her and her family by the media.

You can watch Price’s full interview below:

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