One of the most talked-about stories from the 2018 Olympics Opening Ceremony isn’t about who was in it, but rather who was reporting on it.

Katie Couric fans were largely thrilled when it was announced that, in a move many saw as a message to former “Today” Show co-host Matt Lauer, she would be representing NBC at the games.

However, some had issues with what she and cohost Mike Tirico discussed during the Olympics Opening Ceremony, arguing that instead of going on about the politics and tense relationship between North and South Korea, they should have focused on the cooperative spirit of the games:

Some of the quotes in question:

Tirico: “[Korea is a] very mountainous country. Seventy percent of Korea is mountains. It had a huge impact on how Korean culture eventually developed.”

Couric: “South Korea has more tech rehab centers, primarily for video game addicts, than any other nation except for China.”

Couric on speed skating: “NASCAR on ice”

Slate called it a “dull social studies report.” Of course, others thought the serious tone was appropriate, with Deadline describing the duo as a gold medal choice.

Were you happy to see Couric back as an NBC host? What do you think about her Olympics coverage so far?

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