It’s been a difficult couple of months for vivacious “Today” host Kathie Lee Gifford.

The talk show star got slammed recently after acting rudely toward Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” when he was on set to talk about his Netflix show, “Bill Nye Saves the World.”

Many social media users called out Gifford for her behavior towards Nye during the interview, where she was seen rolling her eyes while Nye shared some nature facts. After the host snapped at the science star, some YouTube commenters even called for her to fired.

But she may have gotten a hefty dose of karma over the weekend after an “uninvited guest” stopped by her party. Gifford told her co-host Hoda Kotb on “Today”:

“There was a wasp who came who was not invited … I’m standing on my deck with Bambino, waiting for our guests to arrive, when this guy shows up and lands on my foot.”


Gifford said that the wasp stung her, causing her left foot and leg to swell up significantly. She held her feet side-by-side to show off the shocking difference. Then she managed to throw in a jab at her co-host. Gifford said:

“Hoda can finally wear my shoes.”


The “Today” star said that she called a doctor to come to her home and assess the damage after the swelling began, and he gave her a surprising diagnosis. Gifford told the audience:

“He showed up and gave me one of those huge shots in your arm. Then he told me what it was. This is when I freaked out … Erysipelas. I said I spent my entire life avoiding syphilis and now a wasp gets me?”

According to Healthline, Erysipelas is a bacterial infection that can cause nasty symptoms like swelling and fever, though it can usually be treated with antibiotics.

But the symptoms weren’t the 63-year-old’s top concern. She told Kotb:

“And this is the worst part, it’s most common in the elderly … infants, also in children — and this is even worse, and farmers with pigs.”


However, Gifford didn’t seem too concerned about the condition. She joked that she was only upset because she couldn’t drink wine while on antibiotics.

Luckily, her foot is likely to be back to its normal size within a week.

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