Kate Hudson’s new bundle of joy is already four months old, and that means the mom’s breast milk is in high demand.

Hudson, who welcomed her baby girl in October with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, told Entertainment Tonight that pumping is nearly a non-stop effort.

During a benefit gala for The Women’s Cancer Research Fund, Hudson explained to the outlet:

“I just pump. That’s all I do. I pump, I come to nights like this every once in a while, and then I pump again.”

Hudson attended the event with her boyfriend. The two joked that going out to a bar after the gala would probably be too exhausting since they have a newborn.

The mom of three said:

“I was the one that was like, ‘We might go out after this,’ and he’s like, ‘I’m already tired, babe.'”

If they did go to a bar, Hudson wouldn’t get a break from pumping. Fujikawa joked:

“She’s gonna pump on the way to this bar, apparently.”

As Dearly previously reported, Hudson said she’s been trying to find a balance between work and caring for Rani Rose.

She said it’s not always easy to breastfeed when you’re not a “milk machine”:

“I’m trying to figure out how to balance the breastfeeding and the work. Even moms that have multiple kids, it’s just hard. I mean it’s just hard — and the pumping.

Look I have one friend who’s like a milk machine. I wish I was a milk machine, I’m not. I need to pump.”

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It’s no surprise the mom is always busy.

On top of her acting career and owning her own fitness wear line, Hudson was named as the newest ambassador for WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers.

Hudson said she wanted to join WW to make sure she is in the best health she can be for her children.

The mom also has two sons from prior relationships, Ryder, 15, and Bingham, 7.

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7 Replies to “Kate Hudson Gets Real About How Much She Has to Pump For Baby Girl: ‘That’s All I Do’”

  • masterredfox 9 months ago

    She has the money and the means to do this, unlike most working women.

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Oh, goodie – millions of women are so better off today knowing that she has to pump. Not newsworthy.

  • Bam bammy 9 months ago

    How about taking the necessary time to bond AND breastfeed your baby! What is one year out of the babies life to nurture and bond so the child gets the best of the mom! Poor thing already just has a baby daddy.. not even committed married parents. Selfish self serving parents shouldn’t have babies… no matter hw much $$ and “fame”!

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Boo Hoo it’s called being a mom. These celebrity types always whining or complaining about something you’d think they are the only ones having babies

  • Robin 9 months ago

    Wow! So judgemental. Be glad she is trying. There are many out there that would say hell with it. They want their body back. “That’s what formula is for “. There is still so much pressure on mommas these days to balance work and breastfeeding. I am a 12 hour work day factory worker and feel constant pressure from management and my coworkers to just stop pumping. Thankful for Indiana laws as they are constantly complaining about the time it takes to prep, empty, and put away the milk afterwards. “They have to do all this stuff while I just sit there”.

  • Teresa 8 months ago

    Why is this world so cruel?? I happen to think she’s beautiful and her husband and babygirl is beautiful!! You go Kate!! Be yourself!!
    And to all the haters..try being kind and generous!

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Kate Hudson Gets Real About How Much She Has to Pump For Baby Girl: ‘That’s All I Do’

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