After a decade of dedicating her life to her eight children, Kate Gosselin decided it was time to look for love again.

With the help of her two oldest daughters, twins Mady and Cara, Gosselin set out on a journey to find a person she could share her life with through her new dating show on TLC, “Kate Plus Date.”

However, while watching the latest episode live with her fans, Gosselin told her followers that one of the two finalists she picked was keeping a big secret.

The mom wrote on Instagram:

Unfortunately, after keeping in touch with him for a few months, I found out that Jeff had been dating someone since before our second date(?!?!) … I am in this to find my someone, but perhaps he didn’t take it as seriously? I was definitely interested but…… onwards and upwards….#MoreFishInTheSea #KatePlusDate

And fans of the show were very upset for Kate.

One wrote:

This makes me sad, you two had such great chemistry together! You will find someone that is perfect for you!

Before another said:

[I’m] sooo upset. You have worked sooo hard and he met your older daughters. Like all that experience down the drain. But you right, on and upwards. You are beyond beautiful, classy and seem to be a wonderful person. The man that God has for you is out there somewhere. [I’m] waiting on my someone too. Life does go on. Love ya sweetheart. God bless ya!!

Over the course of the show, Gosselin went on dates with 10 different men. Some were great, others not so much, but in the end and with her daughters’ help, she narrowed her choices down to two men, Jeff and Joey.

Kate Plus Date/TLC

She told the cameras:

“Mady and Cara, having been through what we’ve been through, know that this decision is not in any way shape or form a light decision. I take it will grave seriousness.”

Jeff ended up being the man who Gosselin shared a kiss with in the end, a kiss that she said caused all of her children to “shriek” when they watched it.

It remains unclear if Gosselin also stayed in touch with Joey or, despite Jeff’s behavior, if Kate is still dating and looking for her next big love.

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2 Replies to “Kate Gosselin Says the Man She Stayed in Touch With Following ‘Kate Plus Date’ Was Dating Another Woman”

  • Kristy 1 year ago

    It’s called dating for a reason. Did he tell you that you two were being exclusive? Get out there and enjoy but never expect to be the only one unless you have that conversation! I would have loved to meet a man like Jeff!!

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