TLC’s Kate Gosselin is sharing a sneak peek with fans into her dating life.

In a new trailer for her new reality television show, “Kate Plus Date,” Gosselin tries to find love with the help of dating experts and her two oldest children, twins Mady and Cara.

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Months ago, as Dearly previously reported, Mady said of her mom’s decision to do the show:

“We’ve been nudging her to date for years. We’re all, all eight of us, are so glad that she finally is.”

While Gosselin added her main goal of the show was to make sure it didn’t come off as “cringy”:

“I’m not a teenager, clearly. I’m 40-something, and there’s no other mom dating show out there.”

On May 14, TLC released a trailer for the new show.

Watch the video below:

In the trailer, fans get a glimpse of the many, many dates Gosselin has been set up on.

All the while, her daughters are vetting her potential suitors and can be seen nitpicking at their mom. In one scene, Mady is asked what she thinks her mom’s perfect date would be like, to which she replied:

“She’s going to say something stupid like ‘on a boat, with some wine.’ It’s going to be interesting.”

She also gave her mom some sage advice:

“First dates are definitely not supposed to be romantic. They’re about finding out if the person’s a serial killer or not.”

Having been single and out of the dating world for the last decade, Gosselin is seen dusting off some of the cobwebs before eventually coming into her own.

After the trailer was released, Gosselin took to Instagram to celebrate:

She wrote:

This celebration with friends is loooooong overdue!!! Stay tuned for more! #HiHoHiHo #SOREADY

The show is set to premiere Monday, June 10, at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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