Kate and Jon Gosselin are now the parents of two high school graduates.

On May 29, the mom of eight posted photos on Instagram from the big day for her eldest daughters, twins Mady and Cara.

The proud mom wrote:

#Graduation ..this post is a little delayed (mostly due to post graduation exhaustion lol) but I’m still beaming with pride! It’s hard to believe that Cara and Mady graduated from high school this past weekend … and are headed off to college in the fall! Where did the time go???? Their Graduation day was such a wonderful day of celebrating THEM and all of their amazing accomplishments! These girls are going places and I can’t wait to see where they end up! Cara and Mady, I love you so very much and I’m just so so proud of YOU! #ProudMom #Graduation #ClassOf2019 #WellDone

And hundreds of comments followed, many offering the 18-year-olds their own congratulations:

You did that mama. You made these amazing children. You shielded them through hurt and loved them through growth

Wow! What an accomplishment for both of your girls and for you too, Mama. I remember when my sister and I first discovered your show…the girls were so little! I know they will continue on towards a successful future. Congratulations Ladies!

Congratulations to you and your daughters. Such an exciting time. I wish them the best as they prepare for their next chapter!

Meanwhile, others questioned if Jon was there to see his oldest daughters graduate.

One commenter wrote:

I hope John was there. Or did you keep him from that as well.

Jon has not yet posted about Mady and Cara’s accomplishments. However, it’s unclear if he will, seeing as though he told HLN early this month that he doesn’t really interact with the kids who don’t live with him:

“I see them, but I don’t really have any interaction with the other six. Hannah has more interaction with her siblings, but Collin doesn’t. He’s had one visitation with his other siblings since he’s been back.”

Aside from being future college students, one of Mady and Cara’s latest roles have been helping their mom find love again.

The pair play a part in Kate’s newest reality television show, “Kate Plus Date,” as Dearly previously reported.

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