One of the most recognizable reality television moms, Kate Gosselin, is being open and honest with her Instagram followers.

Just days before the premiere of her new dating show on TLC, “Kate Plus Date,” the mom of eight is sharing more about her life than ever before.

On June 7, Gosselin shared the trailer of her new show on Instagram.

Gosselin appeared to be very excited about the June 10 premiere of her show and even responded to some of her fans’ questions in the comments.

One commenter wrote:

Hi [Kate]. I have loved your show from the beginning. My first daughter was born 4 months after your youngest children. Love watching their milestones. I love how you can have a good time but keep everything organized. Always admired your organization and ability to plan. Everything you ever did was to keep your kids healthy and safe. If others don’t understand this…who cares. You are holding it together! I am disabled and use to be as organuzed and scheduled as you when I was healthy back in my 20’s. Now with my kids being 13&14 and a messy husband who works all the time, my house is a mess. I hate it but I don’t have the strength or energy to overhaul the mess. So watching your show gives me some moments of escape. Thank you for sharing your life and your children’s lives with us. Your new show looks like so much fun. I am so looking forward to it. Many blessings for you and your family

Gosselin later replied:

Awwww thanks. And wanna know something? My house isn’t pristine anymore either. Or even close. In my long journey, I’ve learned that there’s more important things in life than a constantly clean house. Do I wish my house was always near perfect? Heck YES, but I don’t have the energy or time to ‘overhaul’ it either, so … like you, I’ve learned to deal. And it’s FINE:)

And the mom even hit back at some of the naysayers.

One fan wrote:

What about Jeff Prescott. That was in less than 10 yrs ago. BS […] or people who sell stories to the them bc they are looking for publicity to benefit themselves/ their business ……….Do you sell your stories to People? or is that just an overly fancy tabloid?

Before Gosselin defended herself:

You forgot that tabloids don’t report the truth… I didn’t date him. #DONTBelieveTabloids (or people who sell stories to them bc they are looking for publicity to benefit themselves/their business) #smh

Nope. They report real news and I’ve never been paid one cent by any print or online magazine on the planet. So just wanted to clear that up. I’d rather starve then sell true or false info about myself or anyone else. Wouldn’t be able to sleep at night due to the damage to my family friends and especially my kids. Having said that, some people don’t think about the damage to anyone, including their kids, and do it regularly. It’s so repulsive and speaks to the character of the person who makes their money from hurtful false information about their own children. Think about that. Really think about it. It’s so very horrifying. […] It felt really good to speak THE TRUTH about something we’ve been very very hurt by for many years.

And another person wrote, that she “saw the casting agency that cast actors for the dates promoting the show. LOL At least be honest since TLC isn’t bothering to hide that it’s ACTORS as your so called ‘dates.'”

But Kate admitted that wherever the men came from, they were all looking for love just like her:

Sorry. Your post is NOT true. No matter where they were found, All were truly single guys… it is a REALITY show and I am REALLY looking for love, as were they…

And after being called out for being a bad person based off her past behavior on “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” Kate admitted she’s not perfect:

[If] it’s not for you, that’s fine, but I appreciate your comment about the show anyway. I have matured a lot in the last 13 years and have admitted often that I didn’t always conduct myself in a way that I was proud of in the past.. but having said that, I’m pretty sure no one would be proud of every single moment shown if their lives were being filmed. However, I have been through a lot over the years and as a result I have learned WHO I am and as well as what’s truly important and what’s not … so I’m really in a place at this point to hopefully find someone who is the one for me… we shall see:)

“Kate Plus Date” premieres on June 10 at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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