One of Kate Gosselin’s oldest daughters, Mady, got honest in a confessional about how her parents’ divorce affected the mom of eight.

During the latest episode of TLC’s “Kate Plus Date,” one of the experts helping Kate find love again told the reality star that she has “a barrier” around her that prevents men from truly getting to know her.

The matchmaking expert said:

“One thing I noticed is that you’re creating this barrier around yourself. You’re not sharing anything that may not be perfect.”

He later added:

“You have a very hard shell, but it’s like, once you get through that, there’s like this soft amazing side. […] You’re not sharing anything that may not be perfect.”

His goal was then to get Kate to open up more and be more comfortable with talking about herself.

However, Kate shared that it’s for her kids’ sakes that she is unwilling to talk about certain things:

“I know that there’s this part of my life that I’m unable to talk about. A, obviously I’m divorced, and B, it hasn’t been pleasant. There’s just so much surrounding that that I’m unable — and, for my kids’ sake, unwilling — to talk about.”

Mady and her sister, Cara, also said that they have noticed their mom still struggles with “trust issues” since her divorce from Jon Gosselin ten years ago.


Mady added:

“Everything that she’s been through has really created a lot of trust issues. But she is doing this [show] and she wants to be happy and that comes with some sacrifices. Like, if she has to suck it up and get started before she feels comfortable, she’s going to have to do it.”

Kate later alluded to those trust issues by admitting that her idea of love hasn’t changed since her divorce — but her idea of people has:

“…I think very much my view of people changed. It really probably was the heart of my trust issues in terms of, ‘Are you just telling me that because I want to hear it, or is that who you are?'”

Mady and Cara have already met two of Kate’s potential suitors.

And Mady thinks that if Kate is able to meet someone who is more open than she is, then it “could inspire her” to be more open as well.

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