Kailyn Lowry has taken yet another hit from her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. According to People magazine, he is looking to get money from the “Teen Mom 2” star.

Marroquin, who is the father of Lowry’s son Lincoln, has filed for child support.


The 25-year-old mother explained:

“It says the petition is for child support and medical support.”

Lowry complained to an MTV producer that her ex didn’t let her know it was coming:

“I always knew he had it in his back pocket, but I didn’t think that he would actually file.”

The move baffled Lowry, especially since Marroquin could have medical costs covered on his own through his employer. She thinks the money is going somewhere else.

According to People, Lowry told the MTV producer:

“He told me it was for a savings account. But no — it’s because he wants to be spiteful, and he … wants the money.”

The mother thinks the child support request is a low blow for her ex:

“I feel like it’s a slap in the face, but nothing Javi does surprises me anymore. At all.”

Lowry recently handed her ex-husband her own stack of paperwork. Demanding Marroquin to stay away from her, she filed for a one-year protection order. The pair can only use text messages or written messages to discuss their son, according to the order, which bars any face-to-face communication between the two.

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