Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley is getting emotional over her son’s progress since his autism diagnosis.

As Dearly previously reported, in November 2018, the “Jersey Shore” star revealed that her youngest child, son Greyson, was diagnosed with autism. At the time, Greyson was developmentally delayed and non-verbal.

However, following nearly a year of therapy, Farley is revealing just how far her now 3-year-old son has come.

On Monday, September 9, the mom of two said she made the last-minute decision to take her children, and her boyfriend, to WWE Raw Live. According to Farley, Greyson has become quite the fan of wrestling over the last few months, and although she wasn’t completely sure how Greyson would handle all the commotion, she decided to try it out anyway.

The proud and emotional mom wrote:

Little emotional writing this. Decided last minute to take the kids to WWE Raw. Wasn’t sure how Greyson Mathews might do but he’s become such a fan over the past few months I decided to give it a shot… I have zero regrets. The kids had an unforgettable night. Knowing MSG had a sensory room from Kulture City and I had my Kulture city sensory bag with noise-canceling headphones, I was able to be super prepared. This night will go down as one of my all-time favorites.

As Farley’s photos and videos show, Greyson has a wonderful time in the crowd with his family, watching all the action take place.

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And Farley’s followers couldn’t have been happier for both Greyson and the reality star:

This makes me so happy!!!

ASD parents want to share the same experiences our other mom friends are having….and we want the same for our kiddos!!! Get emotional girl! Cry those tears of joy! Another win for Grey! Go Greyson.

So happy you could experience that as a family, and have such a wonderful time!! Thankful for you and your support of KultureCity!

How awesome is that?

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