The last time Justin Timberlake graced the Super Bowl halftime stage, it ended with him “accidentally” exposing Janet Jackson‘s breast as millions of people watched in shock.

As a result, many speculated about Timberlake’s solo Super Bowl LII performance, and a lot of people wondered if he would bring Jackson on stage so that they could both redeem themselves.

That didn’t happen, and Timberlake did play it pretty safe, seemingly channeling old-school performances as his inspiration.

Screenshot/NBC Sports

Not only did Timberlake bring out an entire marching band — which dominated Super Bowl performances from 1967 to about 1976, but he didn’t use many props to aid his performance.

It was mostly just him, his backup dancers, and his voice. Not to mention, the only “special guest” Timberlake brought out was his good friend Jimmy Fallon at the very beginning of his performance and a projection of the late Prince, who is a Minnesota staple, towards the middle of it.

As one would expect, there were mixed reactions following Timberlake’s performance:

What did you think of the show?

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