Knowing just what she wanted to get her father for Christmas, Sydney Hook took advantage of Amazon’s “Cyber Monday” deals and purchased an Amazon Echo.

The Echo is powered by “Alexa,” an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon.

Sydney Hook

Hook explained to Dearly that the Echo was the perfect Christmas gift for her father because he loves playing music while he’s in the kitchen:

“He loves playing music in the kitchen and when he’s cooking. It would be really easy for him to just tell Alexa what to play. It also seemed really convenient for the Christmas party; he can play Christmas music.

There’s so much more to Alexa than that, but I feel like he’d enjoy it most for that reason.”

Hook lives with her dad, but she knew her dad wouldn’t open a box that was addressed to her. So she thought she would be able to have the package delivered to their house without ruining the surprise.

Little did she know Amazon would use packing tape advertising the Echo to seal up the box.

Sydney Hook

On the day it was delivered, her dad was the first to get it. When she got home from school, he mentioned that something from Amazon had arrived for her. She just played it off by saying she had purchased a few things from the site.

Then she saw the tape on the box. She told Dearly that she tried to “keep it cool”:

“I was like, ‘Oh crap he knows! Why would Amazon do that?’ […] I was nervous.”

Both she and her father attempted to play it off as if Christmas hadn’t just been ruined, but there is a good chance he may know what to expect under the tree.

What Hook didn’t realize was that she didn’t have to be nervous at all, because Amazon is using that same packing tape on every box they send out. However, she didn’t learn that until about three days after receiving the gift for her dad.

Sydney Hook

She told Dearly:

“Well, in my case, that kinda sucked!”

Now, it may be a bit of an exaggeration to say the Hook’s family Christmas is ruined. But for all the other people out there purchasing an Echo for their loved one this holiday season, don’t let the tape spoil the surprise.

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