For ages, people have debated the differences between working moms and stay-at-home moms when it comes to explaining the day in the life of each type of mom.

However, Netflix “Frankie and Grace” actress June Dian Raphael said she never thought the terms “working mom” and “stay-at-home mom” were problematic until she had children of her own.

According to Raphael, saying the term “working mother” implies that stay-at-home moms spend the day taking care of her children and that isn’t working. The controversial term is receiving a lot of criticism by all moms as more and more women try to find a balance between raising kids and their career.

The actress told Glamour during an interview:

“It’s funny, before becoming a mother myself, I don’t think I ever questioned why we call someone a ‘working mom’ or a ‘stay-at-home mom.’ It wasn’t something that I flagged as problematic … or really anything. It just seemed like you’re either a working mother or you’re a mother, right?”

However, Raphael said when she became a mom she realized the term minimized the “unbelievable amount of work” that women do whose primary work is taking care of their children.

The Hollywood actress urged others to stop using the mom-shaming term because of what it takes to spend most days cleaning, caring for kids, and running errands without getting paid.

She explained:  

“When I go to my paying job, I feel like I’m going on vacation because, for me, it’s absolutely harder to stay with my children all day and do that primary caretaking at every moment. So I have a lot of respect for women who do that.”

Whether you’re a “working mom” or “stay-at-home,” motherhood is hard work.

Raphael started The Jane Club to help women with careers balance their family life.

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