Judy Garland was one of the most iconic actresses of the Golden Age of Hollywood. After starring in “The Wizard of Oz” as a teen, Garland skyrocketed to superstardom. But fame came at a price.

The songstress eventually fell into depression, which led to alcohol and drug abuse. Her third husband, Sidney Luft, said that actress hid booze and pills around the house.

Happy birthday to the one and only, Judy Garland!

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Luft wrote in his memoir, “Judy and I: My Life with Judy Garland”:

“Pills were hidden in packages of cigarettes … The clothes hamper was filled with beer bottles and a vodka bottle all empty.”

Garland would ultimately pass away from a drug overdose in 1969 at age 47, but her three children carried on her legacy.

Judy Garland with her children, Liza Minnelli and Joey and Lorna Luft.

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Lorna Luft, Garland’s second child, went into show business along with her brother, Joey Luft, and half-sister, Liza Minelli.

Much like her mother, Lorna went on to become a successful actress and singer in the entertainment industry, which she called “the family business” in a recent interview with Studio 10.


Lorna, 64, grew up around entertainers, and grew up thinking that hanging around her parents’ celebrity friends was normal. She told Studio 10:

“I didn’t think anything of Frank Sinatra, or Humphrey Bogart, or Dean Martin.”

But growing up, Lorna also saw her mother’s substance abuse firsthand. According to the Daily Mail, it was so bad that Lorna would switch out her mother’s medication for sugar pills:

“I was taught how to do that by my dad. When you have a parent who’s teaching you how to take care of your other parent, that’s what you do.”


And when she grew up, she started to follow the same path. Lorna frequented Studio 54, a popular New York City nightclub in the 1970s, saying:

“We were doing cocaine, we were doing all sorts of things. And I’ll never forget, somebody came up to me and said, ‘Do you not think maybe you’re doing the same thing that your mom did?'”

Eventually, Lorna said she got “sick and tired of feeling sick and tired,” and decided to seek help. And it worked.

Lorna is now a three-time cancer survivor who is living a happy life. She said she can sense her mother’s presence every day, telling Studio 10:

“She is on my shoulder every single day, watching over me.”

The actress now has two children of her own.

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