Actor Jonah Hill rose to fame reprising the lovable sidekick roles in box office hits such as “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “21 Jump Street,” and “Superbad.” Fans fell in love with his dorky and often awkward sense of humor present from film to film:

But recently, Hill has been making headlines for a different kind of summer blockbuster: his new fit bod.

Last weekend, he stepped out in Los Angeles in a fitted T-shirt and athletic shorts, exposing a tighter, well-chiseled frame that has fans wanting more.

And to be honest, we don’t blame them.

Followers of the funnyman jumped on Twitter to express their love for the newly inaugurated hunk:

Several members of Hill’s fan base have cheekily dubbed him their “daddy”:

But another vocal majority pushed back against the sudden love, proclaiming the actor was always a “daddy” — weight gain and all:

Even GQ declared that the “22 Jump Street” main man was in full “summer beast mode”:

According to PopSugar, Hill reportedly has been keeping his weight in check by hiring a nutritionist and keeping a food journal.

Hopefully, Hill will be showing off all kinds of guns in his upcoming film, “MIB 23,” which is slated to be a crossover between “Men in Black” and “Jump Street.”

Whatever the case, it’s clear these hungry fans want some fries with that shake! Save some for us too!

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