HBO’s wildly successful show “Game of Thrones” is well known for its epic battle scenes, winding plot twists, and devoted fan base.

The franchise is also renown for its seemingly limitless production capabilities. However, there is one department that revealed it has to cut corners when it can: Costumes.

Not only have there been hundreds of actors throughout the show’s seven seasons — especially considering the number of wars throughout the show — but a lot takes place in the dead of winter.

Needless to say, fur coats aren’t very wallet-friendly.

So how does the costume department make ends meet? Well, probably the same way most people do…

They shop at IKEA.

On August 5, “Game of Thrones” costume designer Michele Clapton was speaking to an audience in Los Angeles when he revealed that instead of splurging on royalty-worthy fur coats, the department simply opts for cheap IKEA faux fur rugs —namely, one like this:


Clapton said:

“These capes are actually IKEA rugs.”

So, remember the epic fur Jon Snow, a.k.a. the King of the North, wears?

Yeah, he didn’t slay a giant bear for it; it’s from everyone’s favorite furniture store.


Clapton said that they do finesse the rugs to look authentic, cutting, shaving, dying, and distressing them so they seem fit for a warrior.

In fact, costume designers distress the small rugs to the point that the audience feels like they’re there:

“I want the audience to almost smell the costumes.”


As for the costume department’s limited budget, Clapton said it has almost made the characters’ wardrobes better:

“The budget is the same every year regardless of what we’re filming — it’s OK, but it’s never enough. Sometimes if you’re restricted, it makes you more clever about what you’re doing. You can look at things, you can reuse things.”


Although the coats are affordable IKEA purchases, it takes a team of Emmy Award-winning costume designers to make them look fit for a king — and of course, like they weren’t in a shopping aisle next to some IKEA meatballs.

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