Reality television stars Jon and Kate Gosselin have been divorced since 2009, but tensions between them have been high recently.

According to In Touch, the two got into multiple verbal arguments this month after disagreements arose over the custody of their children.

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On August 11, a judge allegedly granted Jon “equal” custody over one of their 13-year-old daughters, Hannah, after he filed for an emergency hearing.

And it seems the decision may have led to some serious fights…

In one particularly heated argument on August 15, Kate allegedly tried to pull Hannah out of Jon’s vehicle in a parking lot off a Pennsylvania highway.

According to footage obtained by In Touch, Hannah screamed, “No! Stop, please stop! Let go of me, Mommy,” when her mother tried to “pull her” out of the car.

The showdown lasted for three hours and ended with Hannah being taken away in an ambulance for an arm injury.

But that wouldn’t be the last of their fights.

According to E! News, police were called to an orthodontist’s office in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday over a “verbal domestic dispute over child custody involving one minor (Female/13 years old)” between Jon and Kate.

It’s unclear if the incident once again involved Hannah or if it was another one of their 13-year-old daughters. TMZ reports that one of the parents allegedly brought the teen to her appointment, but the parents then fought over who could bring her back home.

A Wyomissing Police spokesperson told “Entertainment Tonight“:

“The call came in at 1:10 this afternoon for a verbal domestic argument … over the custody of one of their 13-year-old daughters. No one was arrested and the daughter did go home with the father after she expressed that was her desire to do.”

The spokesperson said that the argument started when Jon and Kate couldn’t agree about their custody agreement:

“There was a fairly lengthy argument as far as both parents had conflicting versions of a child custody agreement. Basically, both stated something different and we referred the matter over to our county district attorney.”

The child ultimately went home with Jon, and Kate was escorted out of the building.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like their drama is going to come to an end anytime soon.

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