Jon and Kate Gosselin definitely have their fair share of differences, but for better or for worse, they also have their fair share of commonalities — namely, their eight children.

The couple’s relationship ended in a bitter divorce, and the custody battle that ensued, unfortunately, is even more intense.

So intense, in fact, that even the kids are reportedly turning on each other.

Jon’s mother, Pamela Castello, told In Touch that after one of the kids wanted to remain with her father, Kate told the others to ignore their sister to “teach her a lesson.”

On August 15, just days after a judge granted Jon “equal” custody over Hannah, the 13-year-old girl found herself at the center of a nightmare ordeal.

According to reports, Kate allegedly attempted to physically remove Hannah from Jon’s car in a parking lot just off a Pennsylvania highway. Hannah reportedly resisted her mother as she pulled her out of the vehicle, yelling:

“No! Stop, please stop! Let go of me, Mommy!”

The incident reportedly went on for three hours, and Hannah left in an ambulance for an arm injury — though it’s unclear exactly how she suffered it.

When she returned from the hospital, however, Hannah was allegedly greeted by the cold shoulder. Her grandmother told In Touch:

“When Hannah finally went home after the custody incident and a trip to the hospital, Hannah told me that her sisters and brothers shunned her and wouldn’t talk to her. Hannah says Kate told them not to talk to her to teach her a lesson.”

Jon’s mother said the incident regarding the car made her not only question Kate’s mothering abilities but also her psychological state:

“I would never have believed that a scene could be so horrible until I witnessed the custody exchange myself. How can a judge allow physical force to remove a child? Kate thinks there is nothing wrong with her, so she would never subject herself to going to therapy.

But she needs psychological help.”

She then revealed what Hannah told her Kate makes them do, or chant rather:

“Hannah told me that Kate made her and her brothers and sisters all chant, ‘We will not visit Jon.’ Not even ‘We will not visit Daddy.’ She makes them say ‘Jon.'”

Jon’s mom said that days after the parking lot incident, the judge revoked Jon’s equal custody rights, leaving him with “a couple of hours on Sundays in a park.”

She said she can’t wait for the day Jon regains custody of his children again, but in the meantime, she hopes Kate will undergo a psych evaluation.

She added: “After eight years [of such a volatile family dynamic] there should be a psych evaluation for the whole family.”

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