Two months ago, a Pennsylvania judge awarded Jon Gosselin temporary custody of one of his 14-year-old sons, Collin.

The decision came two months after Jon filed for custody of the boy, who at the time was a patient at an undisclosed treatment center for “special needs.”

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As many of their fans already know, Jon’s ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, made the decision to send Collin to a place that had a “program that is helping him learn the skills he needs to be the best him he can be.”

However, Jon disputes Kate’s claims that Collin was ever diagnosed with “special needs,” telling his fans on Instagram:

He is not on any spectrum or special needs.

Now, after sharing a few snapshots of his fun weekend with Collin and girlfriend Colleen, fans are wondering how much Kate has seen her son since losing custody of him.

And Jon didn’t shy away from spilling the tea. After a fan questioned why Kate never posted photos of Collin after he was checked out of the treatment center and how often the mom of eight actually saw her son, Jon replied:

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As in, he is claiming that Kate has seen Collin “zero” times since he’s started living with Jon.

However, as Dearly previously reported, fans were also glad to see Collin living under his father’s roof and appearing to look so happy and healthy.

Some wrote:

Colin looks great! I personally am glad he is with you!

I’m so glad you have him, and Hannah. I watched every TLC show back in the day. The way “she who shall not be named” treated you, and many times, the kids, was jaw-dropping and nothing short of abusive. Hurray for rescuing him from that place she was able to imprison him in. Best wishes and happiness.

Collin looks so slim and so healthy! Great job Dad!

Kate has yet to publicly speak out about Collin.

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6 Replies to “Jon Gosselin Tells Fans That Ex-Wife Kate Hasn’t Seen Collin Since He Moved in With Him”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I think Collin and Hannah look really happy now that they r with u kate is a god dam abusive and selfish person and treated her kids like slaves when they were little Collin probably didn’t take her shit that’s y she sent him away … be happy now u deserve it !!!!!

  • Ginger 2 years ago

    Really! Is Kate perfect no! One thing she is is a good mother! With so many children having structure is the best way to help keep everyone on schedule! It is obvious Collin & Hannah needed to be in a smaller family unit & it is working well for them! It is hard for some divorced spouses to be able to treat each other with civility for their kids sake! I am sure she will see both of her children when she feels like she will not be attacked when she gets to spend time with them! When I watched the show I saw a lot of stressful situations on both sides! Neither one of them is perfect so let them learn to heal their relationship & treat each other with respect! One thing I can say is I never saw her demean her husband in front of the kids & he made sure he was on the news or in the paper saying how bad she is & making sure he was justified in his own eyes! I am glad he has found the right one for him & they look happy! Hopefully his new spouse will help him be a better man & learn to treat Kate as a person & not throw her under the bus every chance he gets!

  • Donna 2 years ago

    I agree with Ginger and Natasha

  • Earlene Kriechbaum 2 years ago

    Kate was always complaining on the show. I don’t know how Jon put up with her verbal abuse as,long as he did. She is, a control freak. So glad that Jon has custody of Colin and Hannah. They both look so happy now. She had bad mouthed Jon in front of all the children, now the children are older, hope they all realize who really cared about them. It sure was not Kate, she used make money and get publicity for herself.

  • Penny Baker 2 years ago

    I agree with Earlene Kriechbsum.

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