John Stamos says he doesn’t want his own son to end up as a “teen idol” like he did.

The 55-year-old dad, whose son Billy recently turned 1 year old, told Entertainment Tonight that he is extremely protective over his only child.

Stamos told the outlet that fame wouldn’t be good for his son:

“He’s just so innocent. I’ve never seen so much joy on a kid before today. You want to protect him. You don’t want this.”

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The actor also has concerns about his son growing up in the age of social media. He’s seen how it impacted other members of his family.

Stamos told ET:

“With the social media, my niece, we were having a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner at my house. She kept her phone. Then, in the middle of dinner, she starts crying because somebody said something on social media and that hatred comes into your home. It’s no good.”

He said that he doesn’t want his son exposed to that kind of negativity online:

“You say [kids can do] whatever they want to do. I’ll tell you one thing — I don’t know how yet, but the social media with kids [makes me want to protect him].”

The former “Full House” star also revealed that he and his wife, model Caitlin McHugh, would like to give their son a sibling.

It’s just a matter of finding some time away from him, Stamos joked.

Last October, the dad called Billy a “c-block” because he always seems to start crying with the parents are trying to find some private time.

Regardless, Stamos said that he and his wife are still trying:

“We would love to have another one. I’m learning there are a lot of messed up people in this world, and it takes so much time and patience that my wife has and energy and money and kindness and love.”

In the meantime, the actor is doing everything he can to protect his son.

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