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Social media has creeped its way into people’s lives more and more each year. Rather than keeping people in touch, it’s now become a place to meet people.

Naturally, that change includes the way people date.

It’s no secret that singer John Mayer has a colorful history with dating, but now as he tries to turn his “bad boy” ways around, it seems he’s attempting to do so via Instagram.

On Thursday, Canadian musician David Foster posted a photo of one of his daughters, Erin, in a celebratory birthday shout out:

His caption read:

“One of the loves of my life and my fav daughter on this day!!! Happy bday [Erin] I love you.”

Among the hundreds of comments wishing both Foster and his daughter well, John Mayer decided to chime in. His message, however, wasn’t what anyone, especially doting dad Foster, was expecting:


Instead of, say, directly messaging Erin herself, the Grammy Award-winning singer decided to opt for the old-fashioned way and ask her father’s permission.

People quickly took notice:

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But Mayer isn’t the first star to attempt meeting people online.

Just last week, pop star Justin Bieber found himself in the hot seat after messaging a local gym in Georgia via Instagram to contact one of the females it posted a photo of. The girl in question, unfortunately for Bieber, had a boyfriend, but the significance still remains: Celebrities are now more accessible to date.

In fact, there are plenty of celebrities who have met their significant others online — most, however, just prefer to stick with a designated dating app.

Although Foster has yet to respond to Mayer’s request, the “Daughters” singer did show some bravery — and that’s got to count for something.

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