On November 3, John David Duggar and his now wife, Abbie Burnett, got married.

Their wedding came complete with love, laughter, a song performed by John’s brother Josiah and his wife Lauren, and even a drone that delievered a piece of Abbie’s ring set.

Both John and Abbie wrote their own personal vows. John told his bride:

“You are my virtuous woman, all the things on earth pale in comparison to you and my heart safely trusts in you.”

While Abbie said to him:

“You are a gracious gift to me sent from God.”

However, what has everyone talking was John and Abbie’s first kiss after their pastor said “you may now kiss the bride.”

The newlyweds first kiss was anything but conventional. Some words used to describe it included “steamy,” “romantic,” “awkward,” and “cringeworthy.”

The kiss, which was broadcasted on TLC’s “Counting On,” showed John David first started with Abbie’s hands, before moving to her shoulders, forhead, cheeks, then finally her lips.


During their first physical interaction, Abbie smiled the whole time as those in attendance laughed. The bride at one point told her husband:

“You’re so silly.”

According to John’s mom, Michelle, the pair got married at the church where their love story began.

John and Abbie called that first meeting at the church “love at first sight,” but they didn’t know it was love at the time.

Abbie described it more of John having an immediate “infatuation” with her and calling herself very “intrigued” by John.

Jana, John’s twin sister, told the TLC cameras that she believe:

“[Abbie’s] just, I think, perfect for him. I think they really complete each other.”

As shocked as the Duggar family was to see John start “courting” Abbie, being that he used to describe himself a “bachelor ’til the rapture,” Abbie said she was just also “shocked” when he proposed just weeks after they started dating.

However, although the start of their relationship was a bit of a “whirlwind,” John and Abbie are excited for the rest of their lives together.

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One Reply to “John David Duggar Went Unconventional When Sharing First Kiss With Abbie on Their Wedding Day”

  • Karen Kirklin 2 years ago

    Annie I was Shocked when I saw your Beautiful face when you were in attendance at i believe was at Joseph’s wedding. I was Stunned, but so Happy for you !! You will I hope remember me, from Ballad, Karen Kirklin, room 305 ?
    I am so Happy but I can say with no doubt that Marnie is
    also Very Happy for you too !! From Both of us, May the LORDS ETERNAL BLESSINGS be with you and your hubby
    John David FOREVER !! I look forward to see how life goes for you and will be elated for you when you have children. I know you can’t give out your info, due to the insanity of the fans, but please stay in touch if you can. I am Very trustful,
    The Lord knows that, I Promise, as He also hears my Promise as well… Be Happy Both of You??????

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